Wednesday, 26 April 2017

EXP 2 Final Submission

Model in Site context

Lumion renders of final model 

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Sketchup model
lumion model

36 Textures

Chosen Textures Used in model

Dark                                                               medium                                      light

Week 2 EXP 2 Parallel Projections

Chosen Parallel Projection

Lumion Render 

Isometric 3 & 5


Isometric 1 & 6


Isometric 4 & 2


Week 1 EXP 2 Axonometric Sketches

Louise Barragan

1. The use of right angles 

2. incorporates nature with open skies bringing a union between fixed and fluidity 

3. creates a philosophical experience through the manipulation of natural and artificial lighting 

4. solar dynamic to heat and cast shadows to cool

Toyo Ito

5. finding inspiration from wind and nature

6. Seamless communication between public and private spaces through use of glass and fluid shapes

Lumion Render images
isometric 5 chosen